10 Reasons To Attend Brands & Blogger Summit

For me, the Brands & Bloggers Summit is one of those must go to conferences. It is held here in Chicago in July, and I put together a small list of why you need to come to this conference if you are blogger!

1. They cap the number of people. I think this years cap was 175. This keeps the event small enough that you can network with almost everyone. You also don’t feel lost in the crowd where in a conference of 4000 bloggers you may feel like a number.

2. The speakers stick around. I can’t tell you how many conferences I’ve been to that the speakers leave as soon as they are done. I love seeing our speakers at the after party and talking to us “regular” people.

3. Brands & Bloggers covers topics the experienced bloggers want to know about. My biggest beef with many of the conferences is that they are for the new bloggers. I don’t feel like I am learning anything. However, Brand & Bloggers is completely different. As a new blogger, you’ll walk away with knowledge. As an experienced blogger, you will learn a thing or two also. This year, the eye opening portion was the legalities of blogging.

4. The sponsors are a great fit. You can tell that the sponsors for this event are hand picked. There isn’t a sponsor that doesn’t fit with the people who are there.

5. Affordable. This isn’t a conference that you will have to drop $1,000 to attend. Many of the participants were local and drove in.

6. Inspiring speakers. Miss Lori was last years inspiration. This years inspiration was Andrea Metcalf. When you walk out of conference inspired, you know that they got it right!

7. Food. They feed you breakfast and lunch. Who doesn’t like food?

8. Scheduled network time. I love that they scheduled network time for us. Part of conferences is being social and that it scheduled shows that the organizers get it! Also, like last year, I sat next to someone who lives about 5 minutes from my house! What are the chances?

9. If you are a sponsor, this is great for brands too. Part of the networking time has the participants going to each booth. If they do, they qualify for a grand prize.

10. Its fun, inspirational, and you’ll learn a lot.

So, will we see you at Brands & Bloggers 13? I’ll be there!

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