Post Surgery and #NSNation Update – Week 28

As I wrote last week, I had surgery on Thursday. (It was just outpatient surgery and was an ablation. For those who don’t know what an ablation is, they basically burn the lining of your uterus out. Feel free to cross your legs now LOL). To be honest, I thought I’d be fine on Friday. Instead, my body told me otherwise, and I ended up in bed till, well, today. I did a Zumba workout on Monday, and I watched what I ate for the rest of the week. However, with not getting out of bed for 4 days, I was a tad concerned with my weigh-in this morning. I still feel a tad off, but slowly, getting better. The weird thing is that I finally got rid of my back pain (which I figure is from laying in bed for days on end), but my calves are killing me.

My plan is to still take it easy this week as much as I can. From what I’ve read, those who have had the best outcomes are the ones who took it easy and let their bodies heal. That all being said, I was slightly worried about my weight this week. I had some days that I don’t think I ate enough and I know I didn’t drink enough. Then yesterday, I spent starving and ended up eating a little more than what I should have.

All that being said, I ended up with gaining no weight but not losing any either. I will take that! I may have another week like this as I recover, but I’m in this for the long haul!

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