Wordless Wednesday: The Lorax

We recently attended an event at Home Depot where we got The Lorax mustaches. My kids and my niece and nephew all got into the fun:


  1. How fun, I love the little baby with the mustache.


  2. What adorable tree speakers you have! ^.^

    ? aquariann

    Featured Photo: Blue Hydrangea

  3. How cute! They pull the moustache look off much better than the real thing :)

  4. That is sooo adorable!! :) We loved the Lorax.

  5. too cute!

  6. Oh my gosh, too cute!

  7. Way too cute! I can't wait to see the Lorax with my kids :)

  8. So cute!

  9. too cute!

  10. I'm jealous! I want one too lol.

    Happy WW and thanks for linking up!



  11. Tara @momtwomonkeys :

    My kids would love these, so adorable!

  12. Looks like fun!

  13. Too cute!

  14. Fun! My son loves the lorax too!

  15. Very cool!

    Have a great WW.


  16. haha How fun!!

  17. I especially like the mustache on the baby. Thanks for linking up.


  18. SO cute! I love the lorax and the mustasches make it that much more fun!

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