Have You Lost Weight? – #NSNation Update Week 30

It finally happened. Both my kids attend the same school. WOOOHOOOO!!! I am also the Boxtop and Labels for Education coordinator for the school, so I went and worked book bill day. That is the day we have to pay for our kids books. (Yes, my kids attend private school. Books are $295 a kid. Plus tuiton. Plus fundraising. But I digress). I bring this up, because an amazing thing happened. From the time I walked in the door, I had people asking me if I lost weight. The principal asked, and many of the parents asked too! (We have a very small school, so everybody knows everybody else pretty much by sight. We are pre-k – 8, and have about 186 kids). I had no less than 10 people ask me how I did it. Granted, I haven’t seen most of these parents since the end of May when school let out, so I’ve changed a bit since then. I even had one dad ask if I was okay. He’s was worried I had gotten sick, and that’s why I had lost all the weight I did. I said no, I meant to lose it. LOL

Let me tell you that people telling you you look good and asking about your weight loss is a great motivator. I actually was able to feel good about myself and what I have accomplished. People are amazed when I tell them my weight loss since January is 58 pounds. (Yes, with this week’s weigh in, I am up 58 lbs total lost.) It’s weird — when you are the one doing it, it doesn’t feel as hard as I thought this weight loss journey was going to be. To be honest, I’m a lot more worried about these last 50 lbs. I don’t think they are going to come off quite as easy as the first 50! However, as I said before, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

What helps motivate you with your weight loss journeys?

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