Wordless Wednesday: Say Hello To My Big Friend!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know our fridge died. (It last temped out at 47 degrees!). Here’s what I replaced my side by side with!


  1. Nice fridge!!!

  2. *drooling*

  3. Very nice! I wish my fridge would break soon so I can get hubby to buy me one of those!

  4. One word: Gorgeous!

  5. Ooh, fancy!! Sadly, I think mine is on its way out with the strange moaning sound it's been making!

  6. Beautiful fridge!!

  7. ooooo shiney! My kitchen is jealous.

  8. Nice we have a bottom freezer in our garage! i love the fridge so spacious!

  9. that is the stuff that dreams are made of!

  10. That looks like a nice replacement.

  11. VERY NICE!

  12. Lucky you!

  13. WOW! What a gorgeous fridge! I really need one like this too!

  14. If you get tired of your friend, I can babysit for a year or ten. :)

  15. Makes me want to buy a new appliance after seeing this. Good for you!

  16. I think congratulations are in order! What a gorgeous fridge!

  17. Great fridge (and so clean)!!

  18. Very exciting. I have a similar one in black that I love! You will love yours I am sure.

    Have a great WW!


  19. Fancy! Don't you just love new appliances?

  20. Beautiful!

    Happy WW!



  21. Hello, Big Friend. You know what? You're really cool.

  22. Happy Wednesday!

    Wow… Looks great, that's exactly the one I wanted. I'm happy for you hope you enjoy it.

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  23. Nice fridge! I need a new one, too…

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