Wordless Wednesday: SuperHero Birthday Party


  1. Looks cool. I hope it was fun.

  2. Was it a good party??? I hope so!

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    Have a great day!!

  3. Who wouldn't love a super hero birthday! That spidey bounce house is pretty cool too!

  4. Fun! I am thinking of doing that for Carsyn' 3rd Birthday.

  5. Fun idea, and a bouncy house too. Cool

  6. that is so cool!!

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  7. Great theme for a party!

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  8. We have a bunch of costumes, the kids love to wear them even when it's not someones birthday!

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  9. What a fun looking party!!

  10. My boys would totally love that theme. The bounce house would be an added bonus!

  11. Pink masks because girls can be superheroes too! :)

    My son just attended a Superhero birthday party, I thought that was neat.

    Love the Spiderman bounce house!

  12. I bet that was a fun party!

  13. That party looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the masks.


  14. Who was that masked kid?

  15. Lovely pictures! The birthday party must have been fun. Thanks for hosting and have a good Wednesday.

  16. Oh wow! The jumpy house was even Spiderman!

  17. Super hero for a day, how awesome!

    Happy WW :)



  18. Looks like a fun idea for a birthday party.

  19. What a cute idea!

  20. "Who WERE those masked young people?" "Who cares? They made the birthday party lots of fun!"

  21. what a great party theme, love the masks matching the shirts!

  22. what a fun idea!

  23. Great day at bouncy house. I love parties like this. Enjoy.

  24. How fun!! Thanks for linking up with Pea of Sweetness!

  25. Creative idea that looks like fun for the kids and easy for the parents!

  26. My oldest boy will be 8 next week (tear) and he has requested a super hero party too. I'm sure everyone had a blast.

  27. So awesome! What a fun party!

  28. Looks like a fun day!

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