The Whitehaus Copper Sink

As designers look for innovative ways for the farmhouse kitchen sink to catch the eye of homeowners and guests alike, an increasing number are turning to copper as a primary material from which to construct them.  Copper presents unique opportunities for adaptations that other materials lack.  It can be pocked, pounded, fluted, picture-crafted and more.  Chief innovators in this process are the creators of the Whitehaus Sink copper collection, generating compelling designs and captivating a whole new audience of buyers.

More than a pretty face

Primary qualities that copper provides are its antimicrobial properties and long-lasting durability.  As a material, these properties make copper distinctly ideal to be used for either farmhouse kitchen sinks or sinks for the bath.  After all, most modern homeowners prefer to keep both rooms as sanitary and pristine as possible.  Using copper basins is one way to reduce germs and facilitate greater cleanliness.

Copper is also very practical.  While more expensive than some materials, it lasts a long time with less care than many others.  It’s also relatively lightweight compared to cast iron, fireclay or marble.  It does not corrode or rust and, as it ages, typically takes on a beautiful patina cast, even without regular polishing.  In short, like fine wine, it improves with age.

Yet very pretty indeed

In addition, because of its malleability, copper can be shaped in ways other materials cannot.  Some manufacturers will even make farmhouse kitchen sinks out of fireclay, bamboo or cast iron then place a decorative copper panel on the sink’s apron front.  In the case of the Whitehaus sink, they are finely crafted to take advantage of all of copper’s natural malleable properties, thereby designing the entire sink with either simple but elegant lines or include creative design elements on the sink’s apron front.

Compelling examples of Whitehaus sinks

Without a doubt, simplicity makes its own case for beauty.  This has been true throughout the millennia and a perfect example of this principle is the rectangular Copper Single Bowl Front Apron Kitchen Whitehaus Sink (WH3020COFC).  With all the elegance your kitchen deserves, this sleek lined sink is made from over 97.5% pure copper and can manufactured with a smooth or hammered finish.  With its softly curved edges, this queen of farmhouse kitchen sinks rests dignified yet captivating by its very simplicity.

In contrast, the Whitehaus sink that represents no small amount of panache, the Whitehaus WH3020COFCSF version offers much of the same characteristics of its smooth or hammered cousin but with a twist.  The FCSF model reveals a delicately designed sunflower pattern on its front apron, thereby adding unique styling and personality to any kitchen.

To learn more about the Whitehaus sink copper collection and other fine farmhouse kitchen sinks, please visit for further details.

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