Wordless Wednesday: Rug Doctor Bloggers

If you regularly read here, you will know that I recently went on a blogging trip to Rug Doctor. Here’s us all posing with the Rug Doctor we all got to learn about:


  1. So are you becoming a rug doctor?

  2. Wayne_W_Smith :

    Looks like fun.

  3. Very cool! It looks like a fun group of bloggers!

  4. Rug Doctor Bloggers?? I will have to go and investigate!! And I need to do my big rug in the living room, but without my late wife around to assist, it is going to be a tough job…

    Mines up as well at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://blog.aussiepomm.info/2012/10/wordless-wednesday-no-63-such-drag.html">AussiePomm – Such a Drag…!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  5. Nice group shot!

  6. Hadn't read about your trip.
    Neat opportunity

  7. Lovely shot! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  8. Cool!

  9. LOL I love the guy posing on the floor in the front!!

  10. Looks like a fun event (with a practical application ;)

  11. how fun!!
    Thanks for the linky,
    I have a linky on my Wordless Wednesday post as well… http://su.pr/2OYUqp

  12. Great that you had a blogging trip, hope you had fun. :)

  13. Looks like a great group of people!! I love these kinds of get togethers!

  14. Lucky! These trips always seem like they'd be fun.

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