The Labyrinth Giveaway

My family is a fan of the Lima Bear Stories Series. They are great books that teach your kids valuable lessons. That is why I was excited to find out that there is a new book in the series!

The Labyrinth is about Princess Belinda Bean taking the throne as Queen and Ruler of Beandom. All are happy except the duke, Mean Ol’ Bean, who wants to be the king and ruler. He lures her into a magic labyrinth from which there is no escape. L. Joe Bean, one of her subjects, discovers the plot. Will he be able to save his queen? What will happen to Mean Ol’ Bean? The message of the story is that cleverness wins the day.

This book is for ages 4 – 8. Both my kids (5 and 8) loved this book. They weren’t sure how it was going to end (and I’m not going to spoil it for you!). I love that at the end of the book there is an Extended Learning section that can help you talk with one another. The book is short and sweet and will hold your kids attention. I love the illustrations too.

Since we like The Labyrinth so much, I have arranged for one of my lucky reader to win a copy! Here’s what you need to do:

Additional Contest Rules:
This contest is open to US residents.

There is no cash value prize equivalent for this contest.

Winner will have 48 hours upon notification being sent to claim the prize, if winner does not respond within 48 hours, then the winner forfeits the prize and a new winner will be chosen.


  1. Audra Weathers says

    I checked it out on Barnes & Noble and the pictures look really cute. My daughter likes anything with a Queen in it!

  2. anita says

    Grandchildren come and need to read each day as a part of their school assignment. This would be neat to have available for them to read.

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