Christmas Magic: A Changing Picture Book

Have a merry, old-fashioned Christmas with this enchanting book! With the pull of a tab, Santa and his reindeer-driven sleigh fly across a beautiful night sky and over the rooftops. A snow-covered evergreen suddenly lights up beside a glowing fire. Little chefs create a perfect gingerbread house. All these special Christmas moments, and more, magically appear in this stunningly illustrated changing picture book. Kirsten Hall’s lyrical verses will delight readers of all ages and Simon Mendez’s exquisite art brings the holiday season to life.

This book is for 4 – 7 year olds. Madison enjoyed it (my 8 year old), but Will absolutely loves it (my 5 year old)! He literally will read what words he can to himself, and he loves changing the pictures. Each picture has a tab on it that when pulled changes the picture. Both pictures correlate to what the verse is on the other page. For us, this is our new Christmas book for the year. Will can sit for over an hour with this book and that’s saying a lot for a 5 year old! For me, it is just a really cute book and not like anything else I have seen out there.

Christmas Magic: A Changing Picture Book
a great Christmas book for your little ones!

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