And That’s How Life Sometimes Goes – #NSNation Update – Week 49 #samp

I suck.

Yes, I know I try to normally stay upbeat in my posts (and yes, that is coming). However, I sucked this Christmas break. Actually, I did fine on break. It’s what happened when we came home that I messed up. Let me give you all a run down of my break:

1. We got a squirrel in the attic. I saw said squirrel the morning we were suppose to leave to go to Wisconsin to see my family. After a call to the Humane Society, we were told we couldn’t leave a squirrel up there while we were gone. I found an awesome company to come out, but he couldn’t come till after we were suppose to leave. My MIL stepped up and let him in for 2 days, but she was leaving for New York. I had an awesome friend (thanks Joanna) who read about my hatred of squirrels who agreed to let the trapper in, so we didn’t have to come home early.

2. Everybody got colds. RIght now, I’ve got an on and off again earache and scratchy sore throat going.

3. Two of my uncles died in less than a week from one another.

4. I had to cancel Madison’s family birthday party since none of my family can now come. (it’s been rescheduled to next weekend.)

I’m in an emotional funk right now. And I ate emotionally for two days when I came home. I will 100% admit to failure here, because well, I suck. And I have food in the house I shouldn’t because I will cheat with it. (Hello, Garrett Popcorn.)

However, with my suckatude (I’m pretty sure that isn’t even a word), I do have advice for myself. I look at this as a minor setback. Why? I can still fit in my brand new size 10 jeans (I’ve got them on right now and I can breathe. That’s always a good sign. LOL). I also know what I would tell each and every one of you if I read the beginning of this post on your blog (Or Facebook).

1. You fell off the wagon once in almost a year. That’s pretty damn good. Forgive yourself. (done!)
2. Get back to eating right! (done!).
3. Exercise. I start Zumba again on Monday. (Right now, it hurts my throat to do much of anything, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Well, till Monday.)

Any other advice I should head? Next week, I’ll be back and hopefully with some more weight loss! (75 lbs in less than a year isn’t too shabby, right?).

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  1. Aww…I'm sorry it didn't go so well.

  2. That's so awful stuff :(

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Great job on getting back on track with all of this on your plate.

  4. 75 is GREAT! what are you talking about! Seriously, dont be so hard on yourself.

  5. I am so sorry!! Hopefully things start to look up soon :)

  6. What a crappy week. I'm glad it sounds like you are bouncing back though.

  7. ((HUGS)) I'm sorry your holiday wasn't the best.

  8. I am so sorry that it was bad for you, sounds like you had a lot going on. This is a new year though and you are going to rock it out!

  9. sorry for your loss lisa
    Hang in there

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss!! I hope you can get back on track!! Hang in!

  11. It is amazing that it has taken you THIS long to have a small setback. You are doing absolutely AMAZING. I can't wait until I can fit in a size 10 I'm between 14-12 depending on the brand.

  12. Sorry to hear that! :(

  13. Sorry for your loss. :(
    I kinda know the feeling. Same thing happens to me and I was so depressed for a couple of days. I know that you can get through it! Don't give up.

  14. Oh wow, so sorry for your loss. You've had a rough start.

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