I Need A New Mattress

I believe that putting things out into the world sometimes makes them happen, so here I go.

Bill and I need a new mattress. The mattress Bill and I are sleeping on was the cheapest one we could find at Darvin Furniture. While I was happy at the time about the great deal we got, my back hates me. Absolutely hates me.

We have a sofa bed in the basement. Whenever I think that is a good idea to sleep on I remember that that is about 13 years old. It is also falling apart, so a new sofa bed is definitely on the list of things we need for the house.

Last year, I was able to do a store review for Sleep Number (no I didn’t get to review their bed – just my store experience). That made me realize what a good mattress is suppose to feel like — not what we have in our bedroom.

Bill tosses and turns most nights which in turn wakes me up. I wake up with a backache most mornings. I thought when I lost weight that would go away – it didn’t.

So I’m putting it out to the world, we need a new mattress! It’s at the bottom of the list of what we need to do for the house (tree removal, fence, addition are all in front of it), but damn it, I need a good night sleep! LOL


  1. simplybeingmommy :

    We have a Nature's Sleep mattress and we love it.

  2. I need a new mattress, too!

  3. Our entire sleeping routine changed when we bought a new mattress!

  4. I absolutely hate our mattress.. It is a pillow top and the pillows need to be replaced lol such a bad concept.

  5. Me too, so bad.

  6. I hope you get a new mattress this year.

  7. I bought a cheapo about a year ago and already loathe it. I can't wait til I can afford to replace that dreadful thing.

  8. I really want a sleep number bed so we are saving up for one!

  9. I really need a new one too. I don't even know how old mine is anymore.

  10. We finally got a new bed from IKEA. I am impressed with the mattress my husband chose, it's super comfortable and sturdy. I love it!

  11. I believe that is true! I hope you get what you need.

  12. I need a new mattress as my current one has lots of holes in it, lol.

  13. I need a new mattress too, would love a Sleep Number

  14. We got a Sleep Number bed while we like it I wish I would have gotten a different Sleep Number mattress.

  15. I would love to get a new mattress this year too!

  16. notquitesusiehomemaker :

    We really need a whole new bed & mattress. Ours is *okay*, but I want a GOOD one! We always have sore backs &I'm sure it starts with our bed.

  17. I feel you. I need a new mattress too. Maybe the fairy mattress godmother will send one our way.

  18. I'm with you, we definitely need a new mattress

  19. Me too, but it is hard to find the best one.

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