Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 2.39.28 PMLivyBelt Waistband is fashionable, stretchable accessory that solves most of your fashion crisis when you need a belt. Olive&Nell offers three LivyBelt styles: “Lexi”, “Lizzy” and “Lila”. They allow you to hold your pants up without buckles, snaps, clasps, or belt loops. They resemble a scrunchie for a skirt or pants. They provide a comfortable fit at the waist and can be used by both boys and girls. You just place around their waist. For the Lexi style, you just let your shirt fall over the belt and nobody is any wiser.

Now, for your fashionistas, you will want the “lizzy” or the “lila” These offer stylish bows and are meant to be work over shirts and bottoms. These styles also offer the same reinforced waistband.

LivyBelts make it easy to keep your pants up without having to wear a belt. Kids can put this on themselves, and its super fashionable. I was impressed with the quality of these, and they do actually work! Highly recommend!


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