Wordless Wednesday: Will Singing In Church



  1. So handsome!
    Happy WW :)

  2. Aww! cute

    Have a fantabulosa week ;-)

  3. Great shot! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  4. Oh you look very handsome and I love to sing at church too. I have not been able to attend church for a while due to some health issues. But, I work with our youth and I love to hear you guys sing!

    Thanks for hosting and Happy WW! :-)

    Keep singing for the Lord….it’s a good thing!!!

  5. He looks so handsome. I bet he did a great job.


  6. Yay, good for him! He sure looks handsome in his Sunday best!

  7. I think its wonderful that he wants to sing at church!

  8. Aww!!! What a handsome young man!

  9. such a handsome kid! : 0nice shot!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here and here.

  10. Happy Wordless Wednesday.
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    hope to see you around.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  11. Nice! That brings back memories of my choir days.

  12. He is so handsome!

  13. Aww, congrats to your handsome guy. The boy in the background looks like he could be related! :)

  14. Now what I want to know is that Mama’s little angel? Now think before you answer that because I had two boys too! ~giggle-giggle~ I had angels in church as I watched on, and devils as soon as I turned my back, but I must say they never bad-mouthed me! They were respectful… excuse me! Are respectful. ;)

  15. AWWW what a cutie!!

  16. One of my fondest memories from my childhood was singing in church. :) He’s quite handsome, btw.

  17. How fun!

  18. This is adorable!

  19. Very, very cute!

  20. Cute! I can’t wait til my girls are old enough to join the children’s choir at church.

  21. If I was in the choir you would only see my lips moving no sound, don’t want to torture anyone LOL. Love that your children are much better then I was.

  22. He’s so cute!

  23. How cute!

  24. A handsome little fellow :)

  25. So cute, I bet he did a terrific job.

  26. He’s so cute!!

  27. What a cutie patootie!

  28. How cute :)

  29. So sweet!

  30. So sweet, a proud mama moment :)

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