Hooligan Bear Series Giveaway!

hooliganbearHooligan Bear is a collection of children’s books based on Hooligan and his nephew Little Louie written by Hollywood producer Ian Toynton. The two little bears live on a shelf in a factory and get into different adventures throughout the series, with themes/lessons revolving around friendship, love, caring, sharing, and togetherness. The age bracket for Hooligan Bear ranges from 1-7 years old, and is great for both bedtime stories and beginning readers.

We recently were able to review the books Home, New Friends, and A Special Day. These are really cute books. They are definitely great for the younger crowd, but my 9 year old seemed to enjoy them too. They are a bit too advanced for my 5 year old to read himself. However, he truly enjoyed the stories with someone reading to him.  I loved the underlying themes and illustrations.

I can honestly say that this is a great series of books!  Since we loved them so much, I have arranged for one lucky winner to win the Hooligan Bear Series of books!  Here’s what you need to do:

Additional Contest Rules:
This contest is open to US residents.

There is no cash value prize equivalent for this contest.

Winner will have 48 hours upon notification being sent to claim the prize, if winner does not respond within 48 hours, then the winner forfeits the prize and a new winner will be chosen.


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