Organising a super hero party

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The mom’s guide to organizing a super hero themed kids party
Every child is unique and therefore every child deserves a birthday party that reflects their personality. Parties are a lot of fun, but they also take a lot of organising especially if they are a themed party. Here are a few tips when it comes to organising a super hero themed party.

Ask the guest of honour what they want
Ok, so it’s little Johnny’s 5th birthday, by now I’m sure he knows exactly what he wants. A super hero party! To make it easier for your guests, you can make the party open to any super hero and the kids can come dressed in their favourite costume.

Birthday invitations
Before the party supplies are even thought about, you should have sent out the invitations. If you can’t find the themed variety that you are looking for in the supermarket, have a look online. There are so many WAHM who now cater for such events and I am positive you will find one that is able to design your perfect invitation. Many of these businesses also offer a printable version so that you can print them at home yourself.

Colour themed food and decorations
Little Johnny is going as Superman, so why not theme the food around his costume colours: red, blue and yellow. The cake can be in the design of the ‘S’ on his chest or if that is a little too challenging for mum, try making cup cakes with red and blue icing. Jelly cups can be made in the same colours and there are lots of treats that come in these colours too. If you don’t like to use artificial colouring, you can purchase the natural variety that tastes just as good.

What’s a kids birthday party without a piñata? These days Pinatas come in every design imaginable so I am sure you won’t have any trouble finding one to suit your themed party. If you are a crafty mum, you could also try making one before hand. The kids will love watching the lollies spill out of it and then putting their finds in their themed lolly bag to take home.

Themed Party Games
The best way to keep kids out of trouble at a birthday party is to keep them busy with games. It can be as easy as using traditional games like pass the parcel and giving it a twist on the name. Other games ideas such as a ‘Superhero Treasure Hunt’ whereby the guests search for trinkets you have hidden in the garden or if they are up to a challenge, provide clues for them to reach their final destination where there will be a surprise waiting. An obstacle course is always lots of fun and doesn’t have to be complex.

So if you are throwing a super hero party to outdo all of the rest, make sure you follow our tips to ensure it is a memorable one.


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