Ashley Sleep Giveaway!

Most of us spend a third of our lives in bed. Eight hours a night equals a third of the day, equals a third of your life. With all those hours spent in bed, isn’t it time to love your mattress?

Ashley Sleep is dedicated to providing the ultimate in eco-friendly, safe, supportive, and comfortable sleep for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for a mattress that stays cool throughout the night, or just browsing for a more comfortable and supportive bed, Ashley Sleep has something for everyone. With a variety of Memory Foam, Gel, and Latex beds all made under the highest quality standards and available at a competitive price, Sleep Smarter with Ashley Sleep!  Watch their video:

Ashley Sleep mattressespillows, and foundations are built with features that set them apart from the rest:

  • - Value: Ashley Sleep is dedicated to Better Sleep at a Better Price. Compare their mattresses to the others and rest easy knowing you’ll enjoy top sleep technologies at an Ashley Value.
  • Safety & Quality: Keeping your family comfortable and safe is the highest priority. Ashley Sleep mattresses must pass over 200 rigorous quality-control tests before leaving the manufacturing facility. With proper care, Ashley’s mattresses will last for many years to come
  • - Greener Technologies: At Ashley Sleep, environmentally-responsible technologies like smarter packaging and renewable materials help create a cleaner, better world.
  • - Latest Sleep Innovations: Ashley Sleep mattresses are built with products like ActivFresh Charcoal, Torso Tec technology, Tencel, Evergreen Green Tea Extract, and more. These help reduce odors, absorb moisture, and give you a fresh, cool, and comfortable night’s rest.

I recently reviewed one of Ashley’s traditional gel pillows.  It is awesome.  We love this pillow so much that Bill has stolen it from me!  I swear the man is the human furnace.  The Contour Gel technology reduces the temperature faster than traditional foam which is very important to us.  The firm support is also great for him, because he is a side sleeper.  I guess I will let him keep it!  It is amazing the difference you get when you have a really nice pillow.

Since I know you all need a good night’s sleep too, I have arranged for one lucky winner to win a (1) dual-sided pillow, queen sized ($59.99  value).  Here’s what you need to do:


  1. I also like the Ashley Sleep™ Gel mattress

  2. i like the memory foam mattress

  3. Katherine Gray :

    I would like to try the sleep gel mattress!

  4. Wow, I need a new pillow so bad! After looking at all the pillows, I would def. pick the dual sided pillow. I have lots of pain, so I need several sleeping options and I would get this all in one pillow!

  5. I would like to try out the Memory Foam Mattress.

  6. linda anderson :

    I would absolutely love to have this pillow. I have such sleep issues.

  7. I also like the gel contour pillow.

  8. i like the memory foam mattress

  9. I like the iASHLEY™ GEL 1400

  10. PALISADES memory foam

  11. gel mattress look comfotable

  12. I like the ELLIS BAY Memory Foam Mattress

  13. Brenda McAlister :

    The Augusta 8 inch Memory Form Mattress sound great!!

  14. We need a new mattress so either the memory foam or gel mattress would be great

  15. Elizabeth D. :


  16. BONAIRE mattress

  17. I’d like to try out the gel mattress

  18. small contuor pillow i need a new pillow.

  19. iASHLEY™ GEL 1400

  20. The gel mattress

  21. Michelle Tucker :

    I’d love to have the ELLIS BAY mattress.

  22. I want the iASHLEY GEL 800

  23. Melanie Montgomery :

    I wanna try the Ashley Sleep Gel Mattress

  24. Rhonda Grisham :

    The Gel Mattress NICE!

  25. i want to try the gel contour pillow

  26. I would like to try out the Palisdades Memory Foam Mattress.

  27. Evelyn Goettner :

    I’d love to try the Ashley Sleep Gel Mattress

  28. Michelle Washburn :

    Love the gel mattress too


  30. Courtney Renee :

    OOOO the gel mattress or LEESPORT 10″ memory foam!

  31. I like the iASHLEY™ GEL 1400 :)

  32. I would like to try the iASHLEY™ GEL 1400 mattress

  33. Would love to try any of the gel pillows

  34. I like the Traditional Gel Pillow

  35. Ashley Sleep™ Gel mattress is something else that I’d like.

  36. Ashley gel 1400

  37. I also like the Ashley Sleep™ Gel mattress

  38. I’d like to try an Ashley Sleep™ Gel Mattress.

  39. Palisdades Memory Foam Mattress

  40. memory foam mattress looks amazing!

  41. Debra Guillen :

    their small contour pillow would be great for traveling

  42. Dawn Driskell :

    I really need new pillows- the dual-side contour pillows for back & stomach sleepers would be awesome!

  43. Sherry Conrad :

    I’d love to try the ELLIS BAY mattress

  44. The Palisades memory foam mattress

  45. i love the PALISADES memory foam mattress

  46. id love the sleep gel mattress

  47. Peggy Rydzewski :

    I like the pillows the best.

  48. I would love the Ashley Sleep™ Gel mattress.

  49. would like!

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