Sort A Neat Laundry Basket Divider

IMG_1932I do laundry for 4 people in this house. Now, I am using my own picture which doesn’t look anywhere as neat as the one on their site, but I wanted to show how we use this.

The SortANeat Laundry Divider has build in dividers that separate and secure small, folded items from larger ones. The laundry bag lines most standard laundry baskets. You just drape the mesh top over the lip and secure with the drawstring. The mesh, drawstring top also secures your folded laundry within and allows you to carry your basket by one handle without everything tumbling out. The privacy from the mesh basket is an added bonus. The Laundry Sorter is great for carrying multiple loads of up the stairs, organizing for multiple family members, trips to the laundromat, and college kids to and from the dorm.

Now, at my house, I use it for Madison’s laundry. She is old enough to put her own clothes away. However, the basket sorter allows me to sort her stuff, so she no longer is accidently putting her socks away with her pajamas! I use the three dividers like this: one is for the stuff she need to put in her drawers (jeans, shirts, etc), one is for socks, underwear, etc., and the third on is for her pajamas. I can see us using this for year. I also can see this being great for the college student out there too!

I really like our Sort A Neat Laundry Basket Divider. I can only recommend it!


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    I’m lucky if the laundry gets folded around here, let alone sorted. I like the idea of a pocket for socks and things, ours always end up in a separate “sock basket” and we just dig through it for what we want LOL your method is definitely better.

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