Wordless Wednesday: Will Carrying Up The Gifts

Will was asked to carry up the gifts at the school mass this morning.  It is also “Jeans For Jesus” week, so both my kids got to wear jeans instead of their uniforms.  Will chose to wear jeans, a white dress shirt, and a tie!  (Fast forward to about 20 seconds to see him carrying up the gifts.  I started taping a bit early.)


  1. Always good to teach kids the spirit of giving.


  2. How special!

  3. How sweet is that.

  4. Yep, it’s always good to teach kids the spirit of giving.
    Happy WW!

  5. I remember back at Catholic school when it was jeans day. Have a great Wednesday. http://georgielee.blogspot.com

  6. You’re teaching great lessons, Lisa!

  7. You son looks really spiffy! My gosh, the cantor is really singing Here I am Lord so slow, and I thought my church sang it too slow.

  8. Such sweetness!

  9. what a special memory for him – I bet he will remember this day for a long time. Good thing you videoed it as well, I regret that I didn’t get ‘physical’ memories of some of my daughter’s activities at school when she was younger.

  10. Love the name “Jeans for Jesus”

  11. That is super sweet!

  12. This is our first term in school, as we homeschooled up until they were teens. No mufti days for us.

  13. that is a really great day for him :-)

  14. So glad you joined me for Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. More than 100 people partied with us! Thanks for linking up and don’t forget the Friday Flash Blog later this week.


  15. So sweet and special!

  16. Aww he looks so cute!

  17. awe!
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  18. Awhh, so adorable!

  19. Yay for them!!
    Thanks for linking up for WW :)

  20. That’s so sweet – and yay for jeans!

  21. So sweet.

  22. Very sweet.

  23. Such a special moment.

  24. How sweet!

  25. Aww, how sweet!

  26. Awwwww…

  27. Very nice.

  28. How special!

  29. So sweet.

  30. How sweet. I love that he is giving to others.

  31. Very sweet!

  32. What a cutie.

  33. So so sweet!

  34. How sweet!

  35. Very sweet!

  36. That’s so sweet!

  37. Great way for him to participate.

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