Macy’s Men’s Style Event

I am a member of the Everywhere Society. Everywhere provided me with compensation for attending the Macy’s Prom event however all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

I often get to go to cool events and the Macy’s Men’s Style Event was one of those events. Now, you all know I am a Packer fan since I grew up in Green Bay. However, I do live in Chicago now, so I do root for the Chicago Bears when they aren’t playing for the Packers. One of the highlights of this event was getting an autograph from Matt Forte. (Thank you Natasha for getting the pics of Matt for me, because I was waiting in line and well, meeting that fine man!)

Matt Forte was there to help kick off Macy’s semiannual Men’s Style Event.

Can I just say that he is as nice as he is good looking? I had him sign a picture for Bill. Matt looked at me a little weird when he asked who to make it to and I explained that Bill didn’t know I was getting this for him and it was a surprise. Matt basically said that I was the best wife ever. (And when I got home, Bill agreed! LOL)

Now, the fashion event showcased the newest spring trends (has spring finally got here yet?).

We also got to listen to some great tunes:

I also got to hang out with some great friends and enjoy all the manliness!

Here is a slideshow of a little bit of everything we saw:

Macy’s definitely has it going on for events showcasing their clothes!


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