Saxony Grace

saxony grace

Meet Saxony Grace! She has looked everywhere and forever for her birthday present. Her parents try to teach her about patience, but Saxony Grace would rather skip that lesson! Will Saxony Grace finally learn what it means to be patient? Will patience be her birthday present? Saxony Grace hopes not, because she doesn’t even like the sound of that word.

This is a really cute book. With Will’s birthday right around the corner, this is a very timely book. The story is the perfect length for the younger crowd. The illustrations tell the story for you. I personally loved the strawberry cake recipe at the end!

Saxony Grace is the perfect birthday book!


  1. super cute sounds like it would be perfect for my niece

  2. I love story books that have recipes in them – always fun to read a book and then make something in the kitchen with the kids!

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