Craig Nelson Magic Show

I am always looking for cool things to do for my kids birthday parties. This year we decided on a live magic show.


Craig Nelson Magic Show was an easy choice for us. He’s local (based out of Chicago Ridge) and I personally know him. My kids have actually seen his school magic show and loved it.


His close up magic show can be held indoors or outdoors. We chose to have him do his magic show in my backyard (because who wants 13 kids in their house!!!!).


Want to know what amazed me most about this magic show? For almost an hour, the kids were mesmerized. You could have heard a pin drop, because they were that into the show. My husband even commented on how amazed he was about how quiet everyone was (and that they just sat there instead of playing in my yard!)


They also loved when their friends got called up to help.



The highlight for Will was when he got to help! (If you can’t tell, he got to help with a magic trick. Each time they did the trick, he got a bigger and bigger magic wand.)







There was a few jokes that went over the kids heads but us parents totally got. :) The kids also loved that he taught them all to do a magic trick. You can see how quickly they all lined up to learn one:



You need a kid magic show? Craig Nelson Magic Show is exactly what you need! I would definitely have him come out again. The show was tailored to exactly what this age group needed. The magic tricks weren’t too complicated, and the kids absolutely loved the close up magic. It was the perfect live magic show.


  1. Great blog post! I may be partial seeing as how I know this guy, but your kind words describe exactly how I want a parent to feel about hiring me to entertain their kids.

    To share and reciprocate the goodwill, I am going to run a raffle through my Facebook Fan Page ( If I get 300 likes (I’m at 145 likes now)… I will give a free 1 hour magic lesson. In person locally or via Skype for the long distance fans. Only new fans will be eligible for the prize, but you can’t win unless you like my fan page…

  2. Aww! What a neat idea for summer. It looks like it’s lots of fun.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. wow, he held their attention that long? That’s awesome! I think magic is one of those things that works with every age!

  5. Magic shows are so fun for kids parties!!

  6. Very cool. Our kids did a science show once and it was a big hit too.

  7. Magic shows are always a big hit with kids. The kids you showed here looked like they were having a great time.

  8. The kids must have loved that show. I know I would have!

  9. My son would love to have a magician for his birthday party. He loves magic and I know his friends would think it was the coolest!

  10. I loved magic growing up!! So happy that it really never gets old :)

  11. So much better than a clown. I hate clowns :P

  12. My kids would love to see a magic show. They’re always pretending to be magicians.

  13. even as an adult I get so freaked out by magic. lol. I just want to know HOW it’s done. I watch so carefully and still miss the tricks.

  14. That is such a great idea! Every kid I know likes Magic shows.

  15. Awe! Looks like the kids had so much fun! Magic is so cool at that age!

  16. I wish I was in the area, that sounds like a great show! I love when kid shows have some adult humor too lol.

  17. I love a good magic show.

  18. He looks like he did an amazing job.

  19. Looks like a ton of fun!

  20. Kids love magic shows! Looks like they had a blast!

  21. How cool!! The kids look like they are loving it!

  22. The looks on the kids’ faces says it all. What a fun way to celebrate summer!

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