Sea Dog Cruises in Chicago

SD_Chi_exterior9_FireworksDid you know that Chicago offered cruises? Until recently, I didn’t either!

Seadog offers four exciting ways to see and experience Chicago from the water:

Lakefront Speedboat Tour
This 30-minute cruise along the shoreline offers a descriptive tour of Chicago’s famous skyline, while playing your favorite music.
Extreme Thrill Ride
This cruise is perfect for the dare-devil in you! This 30-minute ride features splash down stops, 180-degree turns, slalom runs and more.
River and Lake Architectural Tour
Enjoy historic views of Chicago’s famous landmarks and neighborhoods during this 75-minute cruise on both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.
Lakefront Fireworks Cruise
Enjoy front-row seats to the spectacular fireworks display aboard our Lakefront Fireworks Cruise! Cruise along Lake Michigan with an exciting speedboat ride paired with an informative tour of the Chicago skyline, then end the evening with a dazzling fireworks show and top-40 hits playing in the background! The open aired vessel allows for panoramic views, providing a perfect view. The Seadog Fireworks Cruise is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, running from Memorial Day – Labor Day.

I think all those cruises sound pretty sweet.  The really cool thing is that right before BlogHer (that’s a conference for bloggers) I get to go on one of these cruises!  Now, I’ve never been a cruise before, so I am really excited!  Now, this is only a Chicago cruise, but I’m game!  Any advice for me?

If you too are interested in these Seadog Cruises, make sure you check out or call 888-636-7737.


  1. Really?? I had no idea! But another reason to go visit.

  2. That looks like an awesome cruise! I know you’re going to enjoy it.

  3. I hope to visit Chicago again. Last time we visited my oldest son had just finished kindergarten (now he is going into 11th grade)

  4. Fireworks by the water are the best.

  5. I wish I was going to BlogHer this year. I would’ve loved to see Chicago and try out one of these cruises.

  6. That looks like so much fun and would be perfect for a date night!

  7. Pittsburgh has cruise ships like that. So much fun!

  8. I don’t do cruises due to my claustrophobia but love the idea :)

  9. Sounds really fun!

  10. a fireworks tour sounds fun.

  11. How fun! We’ve done something similar in Galveston and it was a blast!

  12. See you there! Can’t wait to meet you and have a blast! (No pun intended!)

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