We're Doing What For Summer Vacation?

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We’re Doing What for Summer Vacation? is a nonfiction story told by Ali. She is a typical ten-year-old American girl who spent the summer traveling on a budget across Borneo with her older brother and parents. Her normal vacation isn’t one! Her hippie parents want a big summer adventure. On her adventure, she lived in a tree house, experienced bedbugs, learned a little about Muslim culture, ate strange food, went white-water rafting, got trapped in a stairwell alone and thought she was being kidnapped, trekked in the jungle, saw orangutans, experienced leeches, stayed with the locals in their houses, found real skulls from headhunters, discovered an island of lost children, and went scuba diving with turtles bigger than she was. How are you spending your summer?

This is a great summer read! It’s a shorter book that will keep your kids attention. It teaches your kids to adapt things that are strange to them and deal with different cultures. It is a cute book that I recommend!


  1. This does sound like a great book! My grandchildren might enjoy this once they’re a little older.

  2. I think my 9yr old daughter would adore this book.

  3. Sounds like an amazing adventure. Since I am sort of on one of my own, I can totally relate.

  4. i love reading books during summers its great pass time and very educational

  5. I think this book is perfect for girls and boys. It sparks imagination, is very pleasant in its text and I’m sure very enjoyable while teaching children to respect each others’ differences.

  6. Kind of like the Wild Thornberries! I bet any kids that like that show would like this book too!

  7. Sounds like a good book. Thank you for the review!

  8. Sounds like a great read!

  9. I have one grand-daughter that would like this !!!

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