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Since I have been so busy since the funeral and BlogHer last week, haven’t been able to post all that much. I’ve also taken a few breaks in my busy schedule, but when I do I love shopping at sites like EB’s Jewels. I am totally in love with the Sterling silver handmade Mother’s Necklace they have there. You can put the kids names on the silver discs and the stones are your kids birthstones! How cool is that? A totally awesome gift for me or the mom in your life that has everything!

I also love this shops backstory. Beth started in orthodontics as her first job out of school where she learned how to bend wire and solder orthodontic appliances. She never thought she could turn those skills into something she could make money at home with. However, she saw a necklace shopping, saw the price, and though “I can do that”. She bought some metal charms and stamps and that was the beginning.

She has many more designs that the one I listed above (though that is my favorite). I would recommend checking out EB’s Jewels for some great unique jewelry. I love supporting a fellow mom out there and she’s got some great jewelry designs!


  1. How pretty! And so love how she came about doing it… who would have thought orthodontics would come in handy for jewelry making?!?! :)

  2. That is gorgeous!

  3. I like that it would be so easy to add to.

  4. Pretty!

  5. That is really quite pretty, I like it so much!

  6. That’s a very beautiful piece of jewelry! I’d love to get something like this for my mom for her birthday, she’ll absolutely love it!

  7. That’s so pretty! I want to make one, but I’m going to wait until I have this baby since it doesn’t have a name or birthstone yet. :P

  8. For a thank you to Lisa! Any of her followers will receive a 15% off your purchase just Enter Coupon code MTIAR15 at checkout!

    Warm Regards,

  9. I love stamped jewelry!

  10. I love these and how simply pretty they are. Definitely my style.

  11. I’ve been wanting to get a necklace like this for a while now. Pretty!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting a stamped necklace like this with all my kids names.

  13. I love stamped necklaces — I need to get one with my daughter’s name.

  14. Beautiful, I have a necklace similar to this and I love to wear it.

  15. The backstory is fascinating. Inspiration really does come from everywhere.

  16. It’s such a beautiful necklace — I love stamped silver!

  17. Jenny Kaenrath :

    I love stamped jewelry. I have been thinking of doing it myself.

  18. I love cute personalized jewelery pieces like this. Beautiful!

  19. Jennifer Young :

    This is so gorgeous. I would love one like this with my girls’ names!

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