K’NEX Extreme Sports Building Set #Giveaway!

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What kids don’t like extreme sports? This K’NEX Extreme Sports Building Set allows your kid (or you) to building everything from a hang glider to a jet skier to a sky diver to a sport bike rider. There are 10 different building ideas included with this set plus whatever else you can come up with! I love that one of the building pieces is a helmet head, so that even our K’NEX is doing his/her fun safely.

The K’NEX Extreme Sports Building Set comes with 250 building pieces for hours of fun. The rods and connectors are made in the US (another great thing KNEX is doing!). I love that this set really makes your kids explore their imagination. My nine year old had no problem putting several different guys together. My six year old just liked playing with said guys! LOL

I am a total fan of the K’NEX Extreme Sports Building Set. I highly recommend it for every household with kids! That is why I have arranged for one lucky winner to win one! Here’s what you need to do:

K’NEX Extreme Sports Building Set Giveaway!

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