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Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

My kids have a pediatrician. However, I do not have a regular doctor I see. I’m relatively healthy and unless I have something crazy happen, I don’t need a doctor. That being said — sometimes you need to see a healthcare professional. Now, in Chicago, an emergency room wait it a minimum of 8 hours. I wish I was kidding. That isn’t 8 hours and you go home either. That’s 8 hours till you are seen! Who has that kind of time especially when you have something simple like an ear infection or a UTI?

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

That is why I love Walgreens Healthcare Clinic! This was made for people like me who just need to be seen for simple things and don’t want to wait 3 days to see a doctor or wait all day at the ER. It is also perfect for people who work 9-5. They can easily schedule themselves an appointment for when they aren’t working!

8 hours vs. 1-2 hours — which one would you take?  (Now, wait times are determined by where you live and what time you are going.  My experience may not be yours and most likely since I live by a big city — Chicago — that my wait times are probably longer.)  Also, my kids never EVER get sick during the week. I love that I can easily get them seen on a weekend.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics

I totally love how Walgreens really have redone the whole store.  It’s so pretty now!  They have made it so it easy to find.  I also love that there are 3 sign in kiosks too.  No more standing in line to check in.  They also had a big clean wait area to sit in, or since it’s Walgreens, you can go shopping (which is what I usually do!).  I’m a multi-tasking mom, so sick or not, I’m going to smush in an errand if I can!

I also love that Walgreens has taken the step that besides their Healthcare Clinic, they have also walked the walk with offering an “eat well” spot in the store. Fresh food in Walgreens literally has made me jump and down. They are truly showing their commitment to your overall health.

With a Walgreens on almost every corner, you can easily walk or take public transportation to get your healthcare needs taken care off. Need a school physical? Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. Think you have a UTI? Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. Have an ear infection? Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. Need a vaccine? Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. Trip and fall walking into the store? Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. (Yes, my son managed to trip over his own feet walking in and skinned up his knee. We ended up just needing an Angry Bird Bandaid which we found at Walgreens.) Walgreens is definitely your one stop shop for all your needs!


  1. This is a great option to making a doctors appointment. I know for me personally sometimes it is just something small and not worth the whole time off of work to be seen to be told what you already know. Like if you know you have a sinus infection and it only goes away with prescription medicine you don’t need to spend all that time to be told that just to get the medicine. This sounds like a great alternative.

  2. Wow, your Walgreens is top-notch compared to mine… yours has some very cool things and seems very new! I know that they offer the clinic but I have yet to check it out, but after reading this, I may have to. Thank you

  3. I love Walgreens, but even ours around here have never looked like that! That looks great! And such a better alternative to an 8 hour emergency room wait…. how is that even possible?!

  4. Honestly I don’t mind going to see my doctor but the WAIT.. MY GOSH! I have seriously waited over 2 hours – this would be pure bliss! Especially if it’s a routine vaccine!

  5. I’ve never used Walgreens Clinic before but my mother-in-law does it all the time. She loves going there and the amazing professional service she receives.

  6. I think it is great that Walgreens is evolving with the healthcare system and changing to care more about total wellness. That makes me want to use Walgreens over other pharmacies for sure.

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