Bill and I went to Pinstripes Friday night for a date night. Pinstripes is distinctive dining and entertainment venue that features a bistro with exceptional Italian/American cuisine and wine; bowling and bocce; a year-round outdoor patio and fire pit; and event space/party rooms accommodating 20-600 people. You can easily enjoy lunch or dinner, private parties, weekend live blues and jazz, wine dinners, mom & tot play dates, clubs and leagues and other exciting promotions. We were boring and just went for dinner. I was immediately impressed when we showed up 25 minutes early for our reservation and they were able to seat us right away. (We thought we’d get stuck in traffic getting there and there was no traffic!)


As we were trying to decide what to order, they brought out this phenomenal bread basket. I loved the bread strips, because I then didn’t fill up on bread.


I also ordered a Diet Coke and Captain Morgan. Or as the waiter called it “a skinny pirate”. I will admit that I laughed at that. When my drink came is when we realized that waiters here are a team. They are all watching to see if you need anything. There was no waiting for a refill, because they had them coming the whole time we were eating.


For appetizers, we order calamari and fried mozzarella. The first thing I noticed was that the mozzarella was fresh. To be honest, that completely floored me. You don’t often find that. The appetizers were super yummy.



For the main course, I got the Triple Filet Mignon (each little steak had a different topping), and Bill got the shrimp jambalaya. I had to laugh again when the waiter made sure Bill liked spicy food. Obviously, people order this without realizing that it’s got a kick to it. Bill said his food was excellent. My Filet Mignon literally melted in my mouth. Bill couldn’t even finish all his food — we had to bring some of it home!


Lastly, we ordered dessert. Well, Bill ordered dessert. After finishing my food, there was no room in my stomach for anything else. However, Bill loves cheesecake, so he left just enough room for that. I did sneak a bite and their cheesecake is some of the best cheesecake I have ever had. The strawberries they also used were fresh.

Not only will we go back to Pinstripes again, but Bill said he plans on bringing some of his clients there also. We were impressed with the service and the food. It was that good!


  1. Blessie Nelson :

    Wow! Its almost like a bistro effect!

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  3. This sounds like a great place. I don’t think we have one in my area though.

  4. Looks amazing! I like the idea of different toppings for the Filet Mignon, that way you don’t have to pick just one!

  5. Oh wow that looks delicious – I would definitely have to pop in if I happened to be in the area :) x

  6. Yum! That looks fantastic! I’d love to see some pictures of Bocci being played!

  7. All these photos make me hungry!! I can’t wait for a date night there and bowling too! How have I not been here yet?! Thanks so much for the awesome idea!!

  8. sounds like a fun place and the food looks oh so delish!

  9. love the skinny pirate- great name.

    the asparagus caught my eye for sure. yum.

  10. Great appetizers! We don’t have this in our area, but does look fun!

  11. Great review, all your pictures have made me extremely hungry!

  12. Jennifer Young :

    That looks really good! Especially the fried mozzarella and the dessert, yum!

  13. That looks like such a fun place. I wish there was one near me. I’d make my husband take me there for a date night!

  14. That looks amazing! We don’t have a Pinstripes in our area :(

  15. Everything you had during your meal looks mouth watering! Combined with supreme service, it sounds like this place is top notch.

  16. I’d still fill up on bread, strips or not! And my favorite cocktail is Rum and Diet!

  17. I love filet and your meal looked delicious. I would of never set foot in a place named Pinstripes had I not seen the pic’s of your food. Next time we head out for dinner were going to head there.

  18. Those dishes all look amazing.

  19. It looks good. I hope you got a game of bowling in, too.

  20. The food looks delicious!

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