Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!: 50 Flaps to Flip

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.54.15 AMWho says an art museum has to be a serious place? This ARTrageous adventure will have kids flipping out! (Literally!)

Arlo’s not thrilled when his grandmother says they’re going to the museum WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT. But when the paintings start coming hilariously to life, Arlo’s in for a big surprise. With 50 fabulously funny flaps to flip, children will discover how cool art can be . . . if you let your imagination run wild.

Love, love, love Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!: 50 Flaps to Flip. It’s a totally fun silly book that introduces both reading and art to your kids. It’s just silly all over, but your kids will spend hours upon hours opening the flaps. (Trust me on this one.)

Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!: 50 Flaps to Flip is a must have book in all libraries!


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