Kids’ Medical Alert Bracelets from Hope Paige

Hope Paige developed their first medical bracelet for a teen who refused to wear the clunky, old fashioned medical identification bracelets that were on the market at the time. Realizing there were many people who shared her feelings, an entire line of fashionable medical emergency bracelets for men, women, boys and girls was developed. Their products are available throughout the United States in pharmacies, supermarkets, doctors’ offices, jewelry stores, specialty stores and online. A partial list of retailers include: Kroger, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Albertsons, Stop-N-Shop, Giant, Bashas, Bi-Lo, Kerr Drug, A&P, Medicine Chest, Brookshire, Amazon, Target, Martin’s, Family Pharmacy, Focus Pharmacy and Price Chopper.

Hope Paige is committed to helping people protect themselves without feeling branded by their conditions. Their mission is to combine fashion, function, safety and style with exceptional customer service. Their bracelets give you peace of mind when sending your children away from home, whether it be camp, school, field trips or playdates.


The “Cars” inspired bracelet for children is a great adjustable style with a fun look! This bracelet has a watch band closure and can be worn in water; making it great for full-time wear. Engraving goes on the back of the plate and will accommodate up to 4 lines with 15 characters to each line.

You can see the great quality of the bracelet from the picture I took of me wearing it. (Yes, I have tiny wrists.) I love how the bracelet was adjustable. Kids tend to have small wrists, and this definitely makes it so everyone can wear it. It would take a lot to destroy this bracelet. I also love that it doesn’t scream “medical bracelet” at all. To be honest, I found it kinda cool, so I know kids would too. I also love that you can pick any design you want on their site, and they can engrave the bracelet to show what the allergy is. It definitely won’t make your kids stick out!

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    I love the idea of fashionable medical ID bracelets. The regular ones just aren’t that attractive, but its nice that people can choose something they like from Hope Paige.

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