Join me at the #WalgreensRX Twitter Party 1/23 1pm-2 pm ET



How are you taking control of your health in the New Year?  Between its offline and online presence, Walgreens has so many features to make keeping and staying healthy even easier.  With their refill reminders, you no longer have to worry about running out of your prescription.  Wondering about the side effects of something you are taking?  You can easily talk to a pharmacist using Pharmacy Chat.  You can even manage your family’s prescriptions!

I personally can walk to my closest Walgreens.  I love that not only can I pick up a gallon of milk, but I can also get a text message letting me know my prescription is ready.  I love the Walgreens App that allows me to set up a timer that alerts me to when I need to take my medication.  I adore the Steps program that allows me to sync up my FitBit and get extra reward points!  You can never go wrong when exercising can help save you money!  There is just so many reasons to go to Walgreens.

Join me at the #WalgreensRX Twitter Party on SoFabChats!

DATE:  Thursday, January 23
PRIZES:  5 – $100 Walgreens Gift Cards. 1 – Early Bird $50 Walgreens Gift Card
RSVP: #WalgreensRX Party Page
LOCATION: SoFabChats Tweet Grid
HOST: @blm03
CO HOSTS: @RobynsWorld@MsMissy62@AThriftyDiva
PARTY RULES: #WalgreensRX Official Rules 

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Help to stay healthy? #WalgreensRX Twitter Party 1/23 1pm ET. $500 in prizes! RSVP/Rules #shop #cbias

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  1. I’m a big fan of Walgreens and their Duane Reade stores here in the NY/NJ area. I’m also a big fan of their steps program. I love how easy it is to earn rewards points just for walking!

  2. Sounds like fun. Love the prizes too. I will definitely try to be there.

  3. Sounds like fun. Love the prizes too. I will definitely try to be there.

  4. I will try to be at the party! I can always use a Walgreens Gift Card

  5. I will try to be at the party! I can always use a Walgreens Gift Card

  6. Walgreens App is great – so convenient. I’m going to try to make the party, too!

  7. Walgreens App is great – so convenient. I’m going to try to make the party, too!

  8. All that and in an app? Cool!

  9. All that and in an app? Cool!

  10. Wow, I’d love to win one of these gift cards!

  11. Wow, I’d love to win one of these gift cards!

  12. Sure hope I can make the party – signed up. Great prizes!

  13. Wow! This looks like a party not to be missed! Thanks for letting me know about it!

  14. I frequently shop at our neighborhood Walgreens. I had no idea they had such a great app!

  15. Wow, I didn’t even realize that Walgreens had an app!

  16. Awesome app. Love Walgreens.

  17. Unfortunately we don’t have as many Walgreens here as we used to :(

  18. I use Walgreens all the time and could use this app.

  19. Eating better, being more active…just taking control of my life.

  20. we use walgreens here. totally wish i could come but my oldest has surgery that day and time :(

  21. These are really awesome prizes! Who couldn’t use a free gift card or even some cash, right?

  22. That would be great to win.

  23. I could use a Walgreens gift card. I’ll try to attend.

  24. I’ll be there! Tanks for the reminder!

  25. Oooh, I love Walgreens! Will add this party to my calendar!

  26. I’ll have to check out this Walgreens app!

  27. send the $$ cash my way..

  28. I could use a Walgreens gift card! I’m going to add this party to my calendar!

  29. I wish we had one closer to us, the gift cards look awesome too!

  30. I’ll try to make it!

  31. Love this! So many functions in one app!

  32. UGH, wish we had Walgreens here!

  33. Love stopping in Walgreens….got to check out their app!

  34. What a great topic and great prizes. Thanks for letting me know.

  35. This looks like a really cool app! We love Walgreens!

  36. You got me at Walgreens Gift Cards! I will be sure to try and make it!!

  37. Very cool thanks for letting me know. I love Walgreens.

  38. Writing myself a reminder right now. THANKS!

  39. I like that Walgreens offers pharmacist chat and allows you to manage your family’s prescriptions online. This looks like a neat twitter party.

  40. Just imagine the stuff you could stock up on with that card!

  41. Great info, thanks!

  42. Darn. I’ll be traveling this day. Otherwise, I would love to participate.

  43. We use the Walgreens app all the time! You can even send photos to their lab!

  44. I love twitter parties and I bet this one is going to be awesome.

  45. I’m headed to Walgreens tomorrow to fill a prescription!

  46. Dear Walgreens,
    Come to canada.
    That is all!

  47. We are a Walgreens family!

  48. I can’t remember where I read it, but I learned so many things about Walgreens that they do over there that I didn’t know recently. This should be a great party. I love that they give away prizes at these too! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  49. love how easy this is!

  50. perfect for someone who is forgetful like me!

  51. I don’t shop too often at Walgreens and didn’t realize that they had an app. Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Super fun! Thanks ;)

  53. love Twitter parties! Thank you for sharing! I like that Walgreens offers this tool – perfect for someone like me who is forgetful!

  54. What a wonderful idea to have a twitter party for Walgreens fans!

  55. Oh thanks for sharing, I am going to try to make it to that party.

  56. I heard the party went off really well and that it was rocking! Glad to hear that!

  57. This app looks great – wish we had a Walgreens here.

  58. this is awesome!

  59. I need to check this one out, love the refill reminders.

  60. This is great! Love app’s like this!

  61. that’s a great app..

  62. Thanks for the party reminder. I will try my best to be there.

  63. Wow, the Walgreen’s app sounds so helpful! I’m glad I know about it now.

  64. Tami @tamikakes :

    Ill be there! Thanks Walgreens @Blm03 and all the cohosts!

  65. RSVP

  66. RSVP love love love Walgreens!

  67. RSVP should be able to make it

  68. Is this all I need to do to RSVP? Hope so…I can never figure these things out,…ouch!

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