Cereal Is Great Any Time Of The Day

When is your favorite time of the day to eat cereal?  Do you only eat it for breakfast or are you an equal opportunity cereal eater?  My kids and I love to eat Kellogg’s cereal any time of the day.  They eat it for breakfast, of course.

However, they enjoy eating Kellogg’s cereal for lunch too!

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Cereal is so easy to pack in their lunch boxes.  It is a nice change of pace from a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I love that you can easily add shelf stable milk to their lunch boxes, or you can just order cold milk from your school’s  lunch program (which is what I choose to do).

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I don’t even mind pouring myself a bowl of cereal for lunch also.  I love that cereal follows the rule of 3 for the meals too - a fruit (which you can add on top of your cereal), a grain (the cereal) and a protein (milk)!  Cereal is easy to eat at home and on the go!  We have even been known to eat breakfast for dinner too!

When do you eat cereal?  Is it morning, noon, night, or all of the above?

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  1. yes I agree, I keep some in my diaper bag for my toddler!

  2. love cereal all day! I recently starting making my own cereal!

  3. I am guilty of late night ceral eating!

  4. My kiddos enjoy eating a bowl of cereal as an afternoon snack. I’m happy with that because the cereal is vitamin fortified.

  5. I met Kristi recently – she’s awesome, and I definitely love cereal at any time of the day!

  6. This is a great idea!! :)

  7. Oh I so agree. I love it for a snack without milk too.

  8. Love this idea! Definitely will be doing this!

  9. Now that’s a cool idea! Never even thought about that

  10. Heck yeah it is! I am guilty of late night Special K Chocolatey Delight munchies. And Life cereal. Oh my!

  11. great on the go lunch

  12. We love cereal!

  13. we love homemade cereal here, any time of day! dinner on a busy night especially!

  14. Love this idea!

  15. Love this idea!

  16. we have cereal as a snack often. my kids have several favorites. sometimes we make snack mixes using cereal too

  17. I love cereal and I have eaten it for lunch or dinner at times.

  18. @Kelloggs_US I definitely munch on some cereal whenever i want to, they are one of my weaknesses!

  19. @Kelloggs_US my family and I love eating cereal for desert Kellogg’s Double Chocolate Kraves is our go to choice!!!

  20. I love this idea. My kids love to eat cereal all the time. So this is a perfect lunch idea.

  21. I could have cereal for any meal! :)

  22. @Kelloggs_US We have cereal for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking!

  23. I eat it all day long as well. There’s no way I’d be able to reserve it for just breakfast. I like it too much!

  24. We eat cereal anytime of day!

  25. I always snack on cereal! i dont like milk, so I always eat it dry anyway!

  26. I also could eat cereal all day!

  27. We are big cereal lovers. We have it for a snack sometimes. Of course homemade cereal bars are always good too!

  28. I need to see if my 5th grader would go for this switch up.

  29. I have been known to eat cereal at night before going to bed! One of my favorite snacks!

  30. I”m an equal opportunity cereal eater :)
    There are days when you simply ask the kids what they want and that is that.

  31. There have been plenty of times that I eat cereal as dinner. Quick, easy, and tastes good. :)

  32. Cereal for lunch is great. I also like to have a late night bowl, instead of ice cream.

  33. My kids will have a bowl of cereal for snacks sometimes after school.

  34. @Kelloggs_US I agree – we often have cereal for lunch or a snack!

  35. Cereal is definitely an anytime food for my 21 month old. He can eat cheerios anytime of day for sure! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

  36. One of the biggest things about having a dominantly gluten free household is I miss cereal!

  37. I love breakfast for lunch…dinner and anytime really Lol

  38. I totally agree.. Cereal is great no matter when you eat it, for Breakfast, snack or even dinner… thanks for sharing, my kids love it and I always pull it out when I hear “mom.. I don’t like this dinner”..lol…

  39. I love cereal for dinner…..with a banana!! Great for snacking too when you get the low sugar, fat free versions!

  40. I certainly agree! Cereal is great no matter what time of the day it is. My kids love the sweet ones and so do I. I’m a huge fan of Frosted Flakes while they love all the others. I can eat cereal for dinner and be happy. :)

  41. Shhhh, dont tell anyone but we eat it for dinner sometimes too!

  42. Cereal is great for so many things. We make a lot of trail mix and nuts and bolts with cereals!

  43. I think cereal is great any time too! I think we were all raised on Cheerios! My daughter learned the letter “c” and the letter “o” from Cheerios (no, not Alphabets) and even today we eat them morning, noon and night!

  44. I like eating cereal for dinner sometimes

  45. I like eating cereal for dinner sometimes

  46. Cereal is my favorite!

  47. Cereal is my favorite!

  48. I sometimes will eat cereal for dinner.

  49. I sometimes will eat cereal for dinner.

  50. Cereal is a great food. So versatile and so easy to pack up and take with you! It is even great to cook with!

  51. I have always given my children cereal any time of the day. It is so healthy and delicious. We like Kelloggs cereals too!

  52. My kids love snacking on cereal.

  53. There are some nights when cereal sounds perfect for dinner. I love Shredded Wheat and could eat it for any meal.

  54. Cereal is good for any meal of the day and is also good as a snack for both adults and children.

  55. My kids {and husband} love cereal. In fact, on Thursdays while I am am at gymnastics with my daughter, my husband and son have cereal for dinner.

  56. My husband always sneaks cereal at night- we love it!

  57. I eat cereal any time of the day!

  58. The kids made trail mix with Frosted Flakes the other day. It was GRRREAT!!!! I know a little cheesey.

  59. We eat cereal for dinner sometimes. And I love to pack it for snacks.

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