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3rd Time is the Charm

The flu has officially went through our entire family. I threw up Wednesday night. I hope this is the end of this. I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually had the flu.

Good news. We go see Madison’s doctor today. We are going so I can get answers regarding Madison’s hospital stay. I am asking all the questions I should have asked, but was too much in panic mode to be able to think of them. I am hoping that now that Bill and I have gotten sick that this was just the flu, and we don’t have to see the specialist. I’ll keep everyone posted.

My Lia Sophia party will be June 21st. The cool thing that ended working out is that my sister will actually be staying at my house that day. She gets back from her honeymoon the day before. They are flying in and out of O’hare. Anybody know of any good limo services? They fly out the week before at like 5 am, so we are not dropping them off. Wayyyy toooo early. LOL.

I am hoping that we can finally finish tearing out the swingset area and get it seeded this weekend. That was the plan for last weekend, but it kinda got sidetracked.

Well, I’ll probably post again either later this afternoon or tommorrow with what happened at Madison’s appointment.

See ya.

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