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American Weigh Scales Bamboo Digital Weight Scale

IMG_1749I hate weighing myself. Although, I do not think I know many women, if any, that actually like weighing themselves! I work out (a LOT) and still would rather see the difference in my clothes than see the numbers flashing in my face but since using the AWS 330 Eco scale, I really don’t mind weighing myself! This scale is super lightweight weighing in at 0.2 lbs, making it easy to move around or move from room to room. It holds up to 330lbs and is made of a smooth bamboo wood that is nice and smooth to stand on and is environmentally friendly.

We have 6 people in our family and we range from 54lbs to 238lbs and this scale has no problems transitioning from person to person…because of course we all had to try it out the first day we got it!! I hate to admit it, but we even weighed one of our cats. This scale is easy to read with large numbers and easy to use-just step up! This scale is also extremely accurate-my husband weighed himself and it registered the same weight he registered at his doctor’s office (assuming we believe our doctors have accurate scales!!). I highly recommend this scale thanks to its lightweight size and ease of use. I also love that it matches my wood flooring!!

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  1. I love the style of it – I have a glass scale right now, and it collects dust like no one’s business! If I had a wood floor in my bathroom, I’d love to get this to match!

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