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BlogWorld – Day 2 Afternoon

I didn’t do anything worth blogging about the morning of Day 2. I did head over to Blogworld in the afternoon. I knew Pete from Izea was going to be there around one, and I definitely wanted to meet him in person. I also needed to finish walking through the trade show and Mark Cuban was the closing speaker. I wanted to see him speak.

I did run into Pete:

He’s from England, so not only is he cute but he has an English accent too. Pete has his own fan club (whether he likes it or not). One of the booths I stopped at was for Southwest. On my Lisa Reviews blog, I actually wrote up a review regarding my flight on my way to Vegas, so I stopped by and let them know. They also were giving away inflatable airplanes, and I wanted to grab one for Madison. I let them know that I had written a review and enjoyed the fight. They told me they were having a contest for anyone who commented on their blog. Needless to say, I commented.

Later, I found out that I won. What did I win? A free round trip ticket that doesn’t need to be used till December of 2008. I can use it anywhere that Southwest goes. Since I live in Chicago and that is Southwest’s main headquarters, I can pretty much go anywhere. I keep repeating this and no one believes me. Really, I am not lucky. I never win anything.

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