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Business Card Reader

Every so often I come across a product that Bill could really use at work. Since it is a smaller company, sometimes they actually take our suggestions. The product I saw today was for a business card reader. As a project manager, he has hundreds of business cards that he keeps in a file. He has business cards from general contractors to suppliers to customers (and about a hundred other people that I am missing). Finding the card he needs when he wants it can be somewhat cumbersome. He doesn’t have a secretary, so currently, if he wants the information in the computer, he has to type it himself. However, this scanning software solves that problem for him. The scanner scans the card in less than 5 seconds and then creates a record in Microsoft Outlook. It can get both the data and any images on the card. Instead of having to carry a huge binder with cards in it, he can just bring his laptop (which he usually has on him anyway). It looks way more professional in my opinion. The cost for this product is $179 which is way cheaper than his company hiring a secretary to do this for him. I plan on showing this to him later to see what he thinks. In my eyes, it is a definite time saver.

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  1. Yeah, not all cards have the same features. I wonder if it can accurately list down all the info provided by the various cards. If it does, then it's awesome.

  2. This is something I can probably use.

    Iam planning to put up an online gallery displaying my entire collection of business cards which numbers in the thousands. Do you happen to know if this device can output digital scans in image formats, perhaps jpegs or gifs?

    Please let me know.


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