Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Child Off to Sleep

This is a guest post. Making sure that your child gets a good’s night sleep is often as important for you as it is for them. Below is a list of top tips on techniques that you can use to try and help your child to get to sleep:   One great way of helping your child to sleep well in the evenings is by giving them a warm bath, perhaps with some … [Read more...]

The Best Questions to Ask When You Hire a Sitter

This is a guest post. The best of the evening events is going on in your town. You have to seek out and find a babysitter if you want to attend. You've looked around and found a sitter that you believe you can trust with your precious kids. So far, things are going off as planned. Does the babysitter that you've hired know what it takes to care for your … [Read more...]

Potty Training and Sickness . . .Oh My!

We've had a fun last couple of days. Madison caught a nasty summer virus. What do I mean by nasty? Well, it causes fevers for up to 7 days and blisters in the back of your throat! At this point, she's complaining that it hurts when she swallows. She's had fevers up to 104 degrees already. She's been to her doctor, so we've ruled out strep throat. … [Read more...]

I’m sick and I’ll whine if I want to

Seriously, of all weeks to get sick, THIS IS NOT THE ONE!  Okay, done yelling.  To make matters worse, Bill and I have the same cold.  Now, the only thing worse at this point is if we would have gotten sick in a couple of days like the morning of Disney.  Even so, this sucks.  Seriously.  I have some major packing and some major work that needs to get done … [Read more...]