Why I am no longer a PayU2Blog Blogger . . .and maybe why you shouldn’t be either

Now, I am not writing this to piss anyone off. I know I research companies before I work for them, and I just want to give you a point of view that you don't see unless you blog for them. Now, anyone who does blog for them won't ever post one bad word ever, because if you do, you will be kicked out (yes, I know people who this has happened to). If you ...continue reading

Insurance Hell

Be warned. There is some foul language in this post.I am so mad right now. We just started getting the EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) from Blue Cross Blue Shield (that would be our health insurance company) from Madison's er visit and hospital stay. Actually so far, they are just for the emergency room. And they total over $5,000. Just for the ...continue reading