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#ChicagoMomsFish Workshop

On Friday, I got the opportunity to head over to McDonald’s here in Lombard to learn about how you can include McDonald’s as part of a balanced lifestyle. The key here is moderation. If you are eating McDonald’s 3 meals a day, most likely, you are going to gain some weight and more. However, there are ways to eat at McDonald’s that you don’t have to feel guilty.

First, did you know that you can special order things there? Now, I knew I could get Madison’s hamburger only ketchup. What I didn’t know is that I can order a fish sandwich on Fridays (I’m Catholic and can’t eat meat during Lent on Fridays!) on a whole wheat bun and with lite mayo!

The second thing I learned is that 80% of the menu is under 400 calories. That gives you a lot of combinations when trying to figure out what you want to eat. What are some of those choices? Egg McMuffin (300 calories). Fruit N Yogurt Parfait (160 calories). Snack Size Fruit and Walnut Salad (210 calories). Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. (290 calories).

Thirdly, did you know that McDonald’s fish is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified?

Next, there are meal combinations you can make for less than 600 calories. A few options include:

Hamburger, Apple slices, Fat Free Chocolate Milk (395 calories)
Hamburger, Small Fries, Diet Coke (480 calories)
Double Cheeseburger, Fruit N Yogurt Parfait, water (600 calories)
4 pc chicken nuggets, small fry, 1% white milk (520 calories)
Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken with 1/2 packet of Neman’s Own Creamy Southwest Dressing, Fruit N Yogurt Parfait, 1% white milk (600 calories)
Filet-O-Fish, apple slices, water (395 calories)

As you can see, there are choices for those of use watching calories.

IMG_1836I also got to try the Fish McBites.

The number one question I’ve gotten on these are do they taste good. Yes, yes they do. I was surprised to find that it uses a different breading on them (just as good though). You are able to get them in 3 sizes – Snack, Regular, and Shareable. The snack size has 250 calories while the regular has 370 calories. You can even get these in a Happy Meal!


(Thank you Miss Lori for this picture from the event.)

I learned a lot at the workshop I attended. Is McDonald’s the healthiest food out there? No. However, I am happy that they are making an effort to make their food with less calories and less sodium. Moderation is the key, and McDonald’s is a treat in our house and sometimes a savior on soccer practice nights!

Do you eat McDonalds? What do you order when you go?

**I will delete any comments bashing either me or the brand. I’ve already been called fat (as did all the attendees) on twitter for attending the workshop, so I’m not budging on this one.**

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  1. I’m so tired of McDonald’s being demonized for people’s lack of moderation. Yes, we eat at McDonald’s a couple of times a month and enjoy it. We are all a healthy weight if not a little underweight at the moment. I usually get a quarter pounder with cheese and the largest french fry they’ll give me. 😉

  2. When I first heard of Fish McBites, I automatically wanted to gag. They really just don’t sound good. I’m not really big on McDonald’s aside from their iced mochas, so I would probably never try it.

  3. This a post that deserves major kudos. alot of people eat at Mcdonalds and you have explained how we don’t have to feel guilty for eating there. Your explaination of how to put combination together is top notch advice.

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