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Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges

Achoo! If you are anything like me, it’s that time of year again. Allergists predict that the 2013 allergy season has come on earlier and stronger, and is expected to last longer than ever. When you are allergic to life itself (I tested positive for everything they tested me for), you are always looking for relief. Allergy sufferers know that they need an arsenal to combat the watery eyes, runny noses and non-stop sneezes. Did you know that there’s relief for the sore throat that results from all of that irritation to your nose and throat? That’s where Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges comes into play.

I highly recommend keeping some Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges With Soothing Liquid Center on hand. The fast-acting lozenges work two ways: The benzocaine active ingredient provides quick relief of sore throat pain, while the liquid centers soothe irritated throats. When bronchial irritation results in a cough, Chloraseptic® Total lozenge formulations help relieve sore throat pain, cool nasal passages and suppress coughs for up to four hours. Both Bill and I have tried these out, and they worked great on our allergies. They come in a bunch of different flavors. Orange seems to be the one we like the best here! I can see these coming in extrmely handy this winter for colds too!

If you have a sore throat, you need to try Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges.

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  1. My oldest daughter starts any and every illness with a sore throat. I must be sure to have these on hand before the “sick season” starts again!

  2. I’m trying to find your Pound Cake Maker giveaway! I don’t see it any where on your site! I’d love to enter! Thanks! =D

  3. I love having these around, especially this time of year. When I lived in Arizona I all of my allergy problems went away but they return every summer now that I’m back in Oregon.

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