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Choosing Popular Carpet Styles

The selection of popular carpet styles once revolved around color, texture, pattern and pile. There was also a choice of loop or cut pile, or a cut and loop pile combination. With the widespread impact of technology, that choice has grown considerably to include hypoallergenic, pet-resistant, ecologically friendly, textured, plush, cable, berber, frieze, and many other dimensions to carpeting.

The old, dependable cut and loop pile has now decreased dramatically in use. The names and labels of carpet brands compel the market like never before. Fashionable couture company names have eclipsed carpeting types such as shag or saxony. Even established companies have entered the fray. It seems like every kind of popular carpet style comes with a pedigree.

The most popular carpet styles are still defined by other factors than fashion; a carpet still must coordinate with the style, design and colors in a home. As home decorating changes, however, so do the design characteristics of flooring. The most popular styles will continue to be the most basic and practical.

Warm earth tones continue to be very popular. Nothing completes the feel of a home like a good balance of warm colors. As the undercurrent of the entire room, the flooring plays a huge part in the warmth of a given space. Patterns and textures impact this too. A warm red carpet surrounded by earthy colored walls is a modern look that many home owners prefer. Such a setting provides a dramatic yet comfortable and cozy backdrop to a modern tableau vivant.

Carpeting also has an impact on noise levels and temperature in a home. It creates a sound buffer between a first story and second story, so thick pile carpet will always be a popular choice. Thickness also impacts the temperature of a home. A cold winter on a bare floor isn’t a pleasant experience, however, a hot summer with a thick carpet isn’t great either.

The best choice of flooring is based on the circumstances of a room. A sunnier or noisier room may well have a more preferred type of carpet than might a dark or quiet space. Dark patterned berber is a popular choice for dens and home offices. Its utilitarian character makes it easy to move furniture over and clean.

A cheery, looser cut loop and twisted pile or contemporary shag is a popular choice for a more upscale setting, such as a trendy office space or dining nook. The availability of easily washable carpets of every kind permits a lot more freedom in this type of design.
Of course, the most popular carpet color of all is still beige. It’s a neutral color that easily blends into the rest of a decor. It’s not ambitious. It doesn’t clash. It also provides, in the right earth tones, just the perfect aura of warmth to a room. It doesn’t have to be a boring apartment beige, but a rich beige that supports and expands the strength of the larger design. It can be found in many styles.

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