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Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers

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Hop aboard the Dinosaur Train this summer – the perfect time for kids  to learn about the natural world around them. DINOSAUR TRAIN:  NATURE TRACKERS is chock-full of adventure and fun, teaching  young explorers about stargazing, snakes, wildlife diversity and nature’s  life cycle. In the eight episodes featured on this DVD, Buddy plants a  garden, visits an ancestor and builds a clubhouse (for the Nature Trackers of course). To encourage current or future Nature Trackers Club members to get outside, the DVD comes with a free Nature Trackers Club coloring and guide book.

For those who have not seen Dinosaur Train, this show embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains, while encouraging basic scientific thinking skills. Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons go on whimsical adventures through prehistoric jungles,  swamps, volcanoes and oceans as they unearth basic concepts in natural science, natural history and paleontology. The Dinosaur Train is a colorful locomotive, customized to accommodate all kinds of dinosaurs and has the ability to visit the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous worlds. The Train’s Conductor, a knowledgeable Troodon, provides passengers with fascinating facts along the way.

I am as much of a fan of Dinosaur Train as my kids are!  The Nature Trackers DVD does not disappoint.  I find myself learning about dinosaurs I’ve never even heard of as I watch Dinosaur Train.  My kids walk away with learning a thing or two and don’t even realize they are learning.  This is a DVD that holds their attention, and you will stay and watch too!

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