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Do you need supplemental insurance?

The Open Enrollment Survey found that consumers are on auto pilot when it comes to the benefits selection process and aren’t even aware of the options they have. Reported mistakes of American workers include:

  • More than 6-in-10 consumers (61 percent) are only sometimes or not at all aware of changes to their policies each year.
  • 89 percent say they simply elect the same benefits options every year.
  • Almost half (47 percent) rarely or never exceed deductible costs.
  • Only 16 percent contribute the right amount to flexible spending accounts.
I know you are saying – but Lisa, I don’t need supplemental insurance.  Yes, we once thought the same thing.  However, life sometimes changes your mind on these types of things.
When Bill and I were 19, I moved here to Chicago.  I wasn’t even here a month when Bill got sick.  He got food poisoning.  Bad.  As in, he was in the hospital for 1 week (which is unheard for somebody that young and who was previously healthy!).  Without our health insurance, that would have been a $35,000 bill and that was 1996.  I can only imagine how much it would have been now!  However, that isn’t would would have done us in.  It was the six weeks that he was off work after being sick.  We had supplemental disability insurance on Bill which continued his paycheck.  Now, if that can happen to a healthy 19 year old, what could a crazy accident or food poisoning do to your family?
Make sure you take advantage of the insurance open enrollment period happening this fall!  You never know what can happen.
I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Aflac and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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  1. Great post! I think it's good to have supplemental insurance too. It's good for picking up the slack from your insurance company. Some medical bills can really wear you down but knowing you have supplemental insurance along with your regular provider will at least give you a little piece of mind.

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