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Dr. Smith’s Ointment

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Dr. Smith’s was a San Antonio pediatrician trying to solve his young patients’ painful diaper problems. One by one, mothers, pediatricians and pharmacists have recommended Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment, and the product’s popularity has grown over the years by word-of-mouth. The biggest complaint mothers have had is that they can’t find the product easily in stores – until now!

Now, you may remember that several months ago I got to meet the Rancics:


They also use Dr. Smith’s Ointment. We also got to meet the family who made Dr. Smith’s Ointment. It was so nice to hear the backstory of diaper ointment and talk to the family and how they have put their heart into this product.

I was also given some product to try. Now, I no longer have kids in diapers, but my sister does. When I gave her the Dr. Smith’s Ointment to try, Lily (my niece in diapers) had diaper rash at the time. My sister informed me that it worked great right away! In less than a day, it took care of Lily’s horrible diaper rash. It won my sister over right away!

The best part is that Dr. Smith’s Ointment can now be found nationwide. It is now being carried by Walgreens (which is down the street from me!) and other leading regional retailers including Albertson’s, H-E-B, Publix, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Schnucks and many others. The ointment can also be purchased online through and You can also reach out to them on Twitter and Facebook.

Did your kids get diaper rash?

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  1. oh my kids used to get awful rashes when they were sick. and mine are out of diapers too but i still keep it around….you never know if someone may have a sore tush from a stomach bug.

  2. My son is still in pull ups at night. Sometimes he gets read from them still. I have not heard of this product before, we are willing to give it a try.

  3. Thankfully, my kids do not get many diaper rashes but it is good to know I have plenty of choices for protection.

  4. My son has rarely gotten diaper rash. I can count on 1 hand how many times. I use Desitin on him at every diaper change. I’m all for ointments like this! Thanks for sharing!

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