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Are you needing a cool new avatar? I know I am always wanting to change my avatars on the different forums I am on. A site that works great for this is Dress Up Games from the Doll Palace. You can create whatever you want on there. If you want celebrity, you got it. If you want goth, you got it. You can also pick guys, hippies, angels, pirates, mermaids, and I can just keep on going with all the catagories they have.

You can do whatever you want with the avatar. You can pick a background and props. You pick what body type. You pick the hair. You pick if you want a hat and what kind on hat. You get to choose pants, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, skirts, etc. If you pick angels or fairies, you get to choose their wings. They have special holiday choices too. They even give you the HTML code for My Space or if you want to use your avatar on your Instant Messenger program.

Here is what I look like in real life (maybe):glamour-doll-maker-2-04272006.gif

You really can do whatever you want (within reason) to these. I suggest going to check it out when you have a couple of hours to spend. It is that addicting.

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  1. Nice dressing.. This is very creative idea to dress up games are really fun to play do it with kids… it is really amazing… 😀

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