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Father’s Day

I know, I know — Mother’s Day is just around the corner. However, I like to think ahead and figure out what I am to do for Bill for Father’s Day. Since we are remodeling the basement, I would love to get something for him for down there. We are adding a bathroom, a living room area, and a toy room. My upstairs is only 980 sq feet, so we definitely can use the extra space. Right now, I am waiting for the waterproofing people to get here. They are the first part of the transition. They will be here today and tomorrow, and then the contractor who is adding everything else starts. All this construction will last about a month. Fun times, I know.

That being said, Bill’s brother started pulling the wire this weekend for things like the satellite, phone, etc. I am wondering if I should have him pull some wire for a Home Theater System. I think he (Bill) would be completely floored if I made something like that his Father’s Day gift. We currently have a system in our upstairs. However, the DVD player no longer plays half of the DVDs we put into it (including brand new ones!), so we are in definitely need of something like this. I think he would definitely be surprised and truly enjoy a gift like that. What you are getting the “father” in your life for Father’s Day?

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