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Get Up And Move!

I’ve got another crazy weekend planned! You may have all read about the craziness of last weekend and helping my mom paint, plant new plants, and rearrange her living room. We were busy, busy, busy last weekend! (Oh, I forgot to add that going to my moms from my house is a 4 hour drive too!). We took our kids to Bay Beach last weekend too! (For those who don’t know, Bay Beach is an amusement park in Green Bay. Rides cost 1 ticket to get on (each ticket is 25 cents!). There are some two ticket rides too. The new roller coaster they put in, The Zippin Pippin, is $1.00. (We wen’t on it — it’s worth a $1!).

This weekend is shaping up to be busy — just not quite as busy. Tonight, I have to go to a dinner with Bill for work. These things are always nice and well, boring. I’m hoping to get some more of my own yard work done this weekend.  I want to put a border around my front pine trees, and then add the rocks that are around the side of my house under the tree.  It isn’t like we can grow anything under those trees anyway.  However, something I’ve noticed that has happened with all of the yard work I’ve been doing — I want to be more active.  Now, I’m not saying that I am going to run out and get myself a Recumbent exercise bike or a gym quality bikes or even a Keiser indoor bike (though I could if I wanted to). Instead, it just makes me want to get out and exercise.  For me, that is a great thing since I don’t normally have any motivation to do so.  If it doesn’t rain, I’m going to paint my front porch too.  The only problem is that I can’t figure out what color to paint it!  Also, if it doesn’t rain, we are going to take the kids to be Morton Arboretum.  They have an awesome kids section there and I got a great GroupOn for it a couple of months ago.

As you can see, we have a crazy weekend scheduled.  What does your weekend look like?

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