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I am not JUST a mommy blogger

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl and a handsome prince. They dated a long time (well, 5 years) before they got married. Once married, they have 2 beautiful and wonderful children. The beautiful girl decided to stay home with her children instead of going back to work and became a blogger.  Nothing bad ever happens, and they are all very happy and lived happily ever after.

Back to reality now — somewhere out there the mommy blogger (aka the beautiful girl) got a bad rap. Instead of being considered for the advertising powerhouse she is, mothers are left in the dust. We hear comments like “Well, you’re JUST a mommy blogger” and that statement should mean that we are dumb and stupid. At least, that’s how I take it. I am not sure who decided that when you leave the hospital after giving birth that you leave your brain and everything else behind.  I do not understand how I lose the rest of my identity just because I am a mom.

I know that I am not the best mommy blogger out there. I wouldn’t put myself on top of any list.  I can’t spell without spell check. I have no PR (thanks Google!) and a fairly decent Alexa rating. I run two other blogs, am an admin on one forum and a moderator on another (all nonpaid), and I even have a college degree. I do freelance work for different companies when they need. I actually picked up my last freelance position when I went to BlogWorld. I stopped at a booth and had about a 45 minute conversation with the guy who is now my boss. I have two small children, so my free time can be somewhat limited. I do most of my work at night. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to bed before midnight (When you have kids, scheduling just doesn’t work). That being said, I average between 200 – 300 unique visits a day on this blog. Somebody likes and values my opinion on things.  They don’t seem to think I am JUST a mommy blogger.

That is why I don’t understand the put down. If I was the moron that statement implies, no one would want to read my blog. I wouldn’t get daily emails asking me for help on doing things. I wouldn’t have advertisers asking me to review their products. Also, it still surprises me that more advertisers don’t tap into the mommy market. I know I would buy a product recommended from another mother before I would just from reading a review in a magazine. That is why I really ended up starting Lisa Reviews. I own the toys and the books I am reviewing. I am just passing along some of the winners we have had (and a couple of the loser things too!).

I guess what I am really trying to say that mommy bloggers need to unite.  We need to stand up for ourselves more and help one another out instead of tearing one another down.  We need to stick up for each another when someone makes this asinine statement.  I know this won’t bring about world peace, but it would definitely give the power back to us.  We can do more than most would like to give us credit for.

I am not sure where this statement comes from:  “I am woman; hear me roar”.  However, I’d like to change it to:  “I am a mommy blogger, hear me roar” instead.

(Side note:  if you change mommy to paid blogger the same argument applies)  :)

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  1. It's hard for me to put myself in the "mommy blog" category, because I don't spoon feed, or change diapers. Yet I'm still a mom, and I blog.

    I think the "mommy bloggers" are the greatest resource for someone looking to buy an item for their child.

    I would trust you over ANY generic (I'm only online to make money through my affiliate link) product site.

  2. I'm really happy that you're standing up for yourself and all those other mommy bloggers out there! There's nothing wrong with blogging for a living. Men out there that do the same don't get hit over the head about it, so you shouldn't either. Don't let random comments like those affect you! 😀

  3. And I thought mommy bloggers already were united, eat least that's how I feel since I don't have any kids and I'm often left out in social communities around the net just because of that ^^

  4. You are right. This attitude is also displayed towards women.

    I didn't realize that nonmoms are left out of social networking. That's not really fair. Us women need to unite and not work against one another.

  5. Who the heck called you a "Mommy Blogger"! I've never heard of such a term and it's terrible.

    Alot of time, effort, and knowledge goes into running a blog like this and it commands the same level of respect as other bloggers!

  6. Well, the Seattle Post-Inteliigencer certainly likes you! They wrote you up on their "Stay Inside" feature today — which is how I found you. I was expecting a Seattle blog, but am very impressed with what you have here.

    As far being a "mommy blogger," be proud! You do it well! My four kids are all between 18 and 23 and I blog about them a LOT, so I'm right in there with you.

    I'll keep you on my Google Reader, if that's OK.


  7. You do sound like you are rambling(as your blog description indicates) but your posts are not without sense. don't mind those people who look down on mommy bloggers. I am also a mommy blogger and I find it fulfilling to be one. what the heck? at least, you enjoy what you are doing and other people get blessed in the process. keep on rambling, dear.

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