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Izeafest: Night 1

I’ve been busy since I got home from this great blogging conference, so this is the first time I got a chance to even blog about Izeafest. Night one wasn’t really the conference starting, it was more of a get together.

This picture we took after we finished getting ready for the party (the person with me is Christine of Starryskye. It was suppose to be outside but it had rained during the afternoon, and still looked like it was going to.  I almost think it probably worked out better.  Let’s say that the decor of the hotel was well interesting.


Here is a picture of what was behind the bar: 

We all did a lot of networking that night and a little drinking:

I actually drove back to the hotel that night, so I was sober.  :)  I was a good girl.  Just ask anyone who was there.  LOL

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  1. I wanted photo's from the scavenger hunt!! At least there were no "snow angels" required from yours. I did think it was so funny during one of the panels when the guy mentioned that people were having entire conversations in his comment section. Totally reminded me about your comments with Bob and Troll!! Do you remember when we were there and Madison came running in talking about Barrett using the bathroom? On Kidcookin I have a "kids thoughts" I post on Wednesday, would you mind if I stole a picture of Madison and Barrett and share the cute conversation?? Lemme know, I don't want to go posting other peoples kids pictures without their permission!! Have a great one!

  2. The pictures and articles showed that you had a great fun that night. :)

    The pictures are cool. i wish i was there as well 😉

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