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Magic Feather

magicfeatherMagic Feather is a nutty rumpus of a game for kids and families! In this game you’ll move around a magical neighborhood doing things like pretending to be a cat that swims, telling a story about your breakfast, or making another player laugh without talking … but you’ll have to stay one step ahead of those pesky Crows to win! Magic Feather develops creativity and imagination; helps build problem-solving, story-telling, counting, reading and map skills; encourages physical activity; and exercises the sense of humor! Perfect for: rainy days, holidays, family get-togethers, game night, slumber parties and curing cabin fever.

This game is for kids 7 and up. I have to agree with that. It was too hard for my 5 year old. However, my 8 year old loved it. There is a lot of reading required, and it isn’t really like any other board game we’ve played. That being said we did have a lot of fun playing it! Lots of giggles and running around the kitchen has ensued because of this game.

If you are looking for a unique game for your kids, I recommend checking out Magic Feather!

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